Welcome to the exciting world of luxury motor yachts!

Have you ever imagined visiting exotic Ports of Call in the Mediterranean or Caribbean in your own luxury motor yacht? You probably have but decided that owning a luxury yacht is not very cost effective and a major management headache.

The Millennium-International fractional ownership program can make your dream of owning a luxury motor yacht a reality. We have eliminated the two most common objections to yacht ownership:
(1) not very cost effective and (2) a major management headache,

Fractional yacht ownership - very cost effective.
Professional Management - no management headaches.

Millennnium-International (MI) was created by specialists in the yachting, financial and marketing arenas. MI's managing director, director of marketing, and director of operations are well qualified having years of experience in their respective fields.

We want to make your dream of visiting exotic Ports of Call with your own luxury yacht a reality. We believe that luxury yacht ownership can be cost effective and the management headaches associated with managing a yacht completely eliminated.

Fractional ownership and professional management allow you to enjoy all the pleasures and the prestige associated with yacht ownershship from the minute you and your guests are welcomed by your captain and crew on board your yacht.

Millennium's business is the sale of fractional ownership interests in new or pre-owned luxury yachts. We have conducted extensive research into the manufacture and sale of new luxury yachts and the resale of pre-owned yachts. Luxury yacht ownership has increased in the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Yacht builders report an increase of orders for new yachts from individuals and companies who are new to yachting and an increase from existing yacht owners who are upgrading to bigger yachts. The lead time for building a new yacht is approximately two years for most ship-yards. Pre-owned yachts are an attractive and cost effective alternative.

In conjunction with select ship-builders and management companies, we have assembled legal and tax experts to develop cost effective fractional ownership plans for new or pre-owned luxury yachts for individual as well as corporate clients.

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